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A Little Bit About Individual Tax Returns

Individual tax returns are filed using the tax form 1040. It can be filed by married couples or single individuals both with or without dependents. At Badass Tax Guys, our goal is to make filing your individual tax return as simple as possible while making sure you receive as much back as possible. We aim to provide the highest level of service while helping you to pay the least amount of taxes legally.

Although you have the option to file your taxes on your own using tax preparation software, the process can often be complex and leave you with doubts about its accuracy. Instead of wondering whether you were able to receive as many deductions as possible, let the experts at Wagner and Associates Tax Solutions provide the dependable and professional service you need. We are experienced in the preparation of individual tax returns and we will ensure that you can benefit from as many credits and deductions as possible.

We Offer The Following Benefits:

  • Individual tax returns prepared accurately and professionally.
  • Complete professionalism throughout the preparation process.
  • Each return is carefully reviewed to prevent an IRS audit.
  • Electronic filing for faster refund processing.
  • Review of your payroll withholdings to maximize your take home income year round.
  • Deduction review to ensure your tax liability is at the lowest possible level.
  • We will provide a courteous and pleasant approach to all of our clients.

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