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A Little Bit About IRS Letter Resolution

What do you do when you get an IRS notice or letter?

First, stay calm. You will see a deadline in your IRS audit letter. Second, call Badass Tax Guys and get in to see us right away. Some notices are extremely time sensitive. You will be given ample time to review the items being contested, obtain tax advice or help (if desired), and prepare your response.

Selection for a return for examination doesn’t necessarily suggest that you’ve made an error or been dishonest. In fact, a good deal of examinations result in acceptance of the return without change or even a refund. Wagner & Associates Tax Solutions Inc represents our clients before the IRS in all IRS notice response issues. We can provide you with specific audit help on issues regarding back taxes, corporate taxes, federal taxes, or state taxes.
Tax law is complex and an Enrolled Agent will be better able to help you through an audit. Congress has made more than 5000 changes to the tax code since 2001, this brings the tax code to around 4 million words. There are so many regulations, changes, circumstances, and choices regarding income taxes that problems develop for all different kinds of people on a daily basis.

The IRS has letters that are generated automatically. These problems can be avoided with proper knowledge, action, advice, planning, and preparation. It is, of course, best to avoid them. If it is too late to avoid them, it is not too late to stop them from getting worse and it is not too late to develop better tax habits.