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A Little Bit About Wage Garnishment

Are you suffering from or concerned about wage garnishment from an IRS levy?

We can help put a stop to wage garnishments.

The national average for an IRS Wage Levy is 80% to 85% of the net pay. So if your take-home pay on your paycheck is usually $1,000, it would suddenly become $150 to $200. Try living on that kind of paycheck for a few months. Even one or two drastically reduced paychecks can break you. That’s why we’re in this business, helping people get out of trouble with the IRS. We have found that we have a unique skill and ability to get those IRS Wage Garnishments released very quickly.

We’ve been in the IRS negotiating business for over 5 years family owned and operated. Most people facing an IRS situation(probably like you) have several prior year income tax returns that have not been filed. And before IRS will release a levy, they require that all of your tax returns (at least for the last 6 years) be filed.

IRS has a very specific set of rules and guidelines their employees must follow before your IRS Levy can be released. We know those rules and guidelines backwards and forwards and can call an IRS bluff when we know what is right and what is wrong (or a bluff). When your wages are levied, IRS wants to collect as much of your money as they can collect as fast as they can collect it. And in one way or another, this is the job of every IRS employee in the country.
Even though most IRS employees are nice people, they still have that one great constitutional obligation to collect as much tax as possible and that can ruin your life. This is where our skills can save you a bundle of cash very quickly. Definitely a lot more than our fees.
Take some time and read the other pages of our website. Educate yourself and gain some knowledge on what an Enrolled Agent is. We encourage you to visit other sites, too. You may even like one of our competitors more than you like us. That’s okay with us. We want you to be free from the IRS wage garnishment and get some help …… but above all, we want you to get your IRS Wage Levy Released.

And we know we can do that! Contact us today and let us help you stop wage garnishment.